Your membership card is now available digitally and you can access your membership card via the Historic Scotland App. Storing your card on the app means that it will always be with you.

Accessing your digital membership card is quick and easy, safe and secure. 

Available via the Historic Scotland App

A woman in a garden holds up a mobile phone; the Historic Scotland app can be seen on the phone screen

You'll need the latest version of our App to access your Digital Membership Card. The latest version can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android, or the App Store for Apple devices.
Your card is fully secure in the app as you'll need to login to access it, and it is less likely to be lost or stolen.
Use the app to display your valid membership when visiting our sites, at retail stores and cafes to get your discount.
Find out more about the app.

How it works

1. Open the app
Open the Historic Scotland App and select 'Already a member?'

2. Link to your membership
Enter your first name, surname and membership number (the name must match exactly how it is on your membership record for it to find you).

3. Enjoy instant access
Your digital membership card will be populated and live in the 'Profile' section of the app. Show your valid membership to visit and get all the benefits of Historic Scotland membership.


What are the benefits of the digital membership card?
The digital membership card means that you don't have to remember to carry around your physical card, and you can use your membership via your phone. It's also less likely to be lost, stolen or damaged.

Why launch a digital membership card?
We are always looking for ways to improve the service to our valued members and member feedback has also indicated a desire for a digital card.

Can I use my digital membership card at partnership organisations, like English Heritage?
Yes. The digital membership card is accepted at our partnership organisations. This includes English Heritage, Cadw and Manx National Heritage. 

Can I opt out of receiving the physical membership card?
At the moment, no, but that is what we will be working towards in the future. All members will continue to receive a physical card and can also access their card digitally. 

Will joint and family members receive a digital membership card?
Whether you are a single or joint member, all named members are able to access their digital membership card via the app. Just login using your first name, surname and membership number.  Each member should access the digital card on their own phone; one phone cannot hold two digital membership cards. Children do not receive a membership card and are not named on the membership so will not have access to a digital card.

I've just bought a membership, how and when can I access the digital membership card if I don't know my membership number?
If you bought your membership online, a membership number will be allocated within 5 working days. Log back into the member-only area of the website and you will see your membership number in the 'My Details' section. If you bought your membership at one of our sites, complete the Members Only Registration for the website; you should have access within a few days and be able to see your membership number in the 'My Details' section.

I've lost my membership card and want to access my digital card, but I don't know my membership number. Where can I find it?
You can find your membership number in the 'My Details' section of the member only website, or any event emails that we have sent to you. Your membership number is allocated once we process your membership and should be available in the 'My Details' section within 5 working days of purchase.

How do I remove my card from the app?
In the profile area go to the cog icon and select log out, or tap and hold the membership card, then select "Remove Card". You will no longer have access to your digital membership card.

What if I am visiting a site that doesn't have Wi-Fi or internet access via my phone data?
We recommend that you load your membership card onto the app at home in advance of visiting any sites in case there is no connectivity at the site.

Can I put the digital card into my phone's digital wallet?
You can now add your digital card to your phone's digital wallet. Make sure and update the app to the latest version.

I do not want a digital membership card. Are you getting rid of the physical card?
No, we are not getting rid of the physical membership card. We appreciate that a digital option is not for everyone so if you wish to continue with a physical membership card, you can.

My name has an accent mark. Can I still access the digital card?
Unfortunately, at the moment the app is unable to recognise accents in names. We are working with our app developer to resolve this issue in a future update. If you would still like to access your digital card, please contact us - we can replace the accented letter in your name with an unaccented one on your membership record.

We would love to hear what you think about the digital membership card. Please let us know. Contact us.